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He stepped into the room as they all stopped and looked up.  Sweat and cum glazed her face, chest and tits, as four rigid cocks ringed around her face.  They both realized instantly that he had caught her red handed.  One of the guys asked out loud “Who the fuck is this?” and she quickly snapped back, “No one, and he’s leaving right now…” while looking up at him.  To his surprise as much as hers, he stood still.  She looked up with a smirk as he dropped his pants to the floor.  He looked back down at her, still not fully sure of what he intended to do.  He stepped forward, his own rigid cock jutting out in front of him as she slowly opened her mouth, never taking her eyes away from his.  ”I guess, you’ll be #5 then?” was all she said before her mouth slipped down over the entire shaft of his cock.  

He knew that later, after all of the other men in the room had left, there would have to be a talk about whether or not he told his father about her daytime activities.  For now however, it was all he could do to resist cumming in his mother’s mouth only a few seconds after she began to suck his cock. 

Only Gianna Michaels has that look.

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